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Our family history begins many years ago before 1961 when Arthur and Mary Buzas decided that flowers and vegetables were the way of the future. So they started a small business operation and sold their products at the Easton Circle with the help of their children. As time marched on Arthur and Mary or Nana and Poppop, as I like to call them, had the idea to expand their flourishing business. At this realization they need a bigger place to let their ideas flow, thus they moved to a farm on Rural Route 2 or what everyone knows as our current location of Newburg Road. In 1961 the 1st of the greenhouses were born. Mostly constructed of glass and wood the 4 sixty-four foot long buildings came into existence. My grandparents' main love was flowers. They loved to see the amazing colors, sizes and scents that would bring a smile to anyone's face. They loved to help customers create and choose the perfect flower for their needs. They loved to pass on information and helpful ideas to everyone. Today their daughter Beverly along with her husband Bob and 2 daughters Nicole and Julia are known as Buzas' Greenhouses and we still have the same ideas and values. Those first 4 greenhouses are still standing with a few modifications. Along with several more greenhouses and outside growing areas we try to bring you nothing but the best plants, shrubs, fruits and vegetables to our valuable customers.

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